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Erum Rizvi is an award winning luxury wedding photographer based in DC. Erum Rizvi is also a speaker and educator in the photography industry with over 8 years of experience. Known for her kaleidoscope of color and chaos, Erum is also recognized as an Ethical DC Indian Wedding Photographer.

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ERUM RIZVI // Photographer // Curious creature //


Named BY Rangefinder Magazine AS ONE OF "30 Rising Stars" in Wedding Photography

I was born and raised in Manchester, UK. Photography has become an integral facet of my transition to the States. I find that my British quirkiness, laid back attitude and unique sense of style has helped me establish myself as Washington D.C.'s leading South Asian Wedding Photographer.

Being a lover of light and color, it was inevitable that I would become a Wedding photographer. My vibrant Pakistani roots have allowed me to seamlessly blend into a crowd and capture the spontaneity of the ceremony. The ability to create clean, rich, bold, saturated images with a timeless quality is my forte. The combination of my images and their desire for something different attracts my clients and establishes an immediate connection that resonates throughout their experience.

Light and color constantly dance around me and I find a need to capture both with great frequency


Did you read that waffle above? Well the real truth is i’ll always be Human First, Photographer Second.
Besides Weddings you can find me working on various Projects, Meditating, Hiking, Writing Poetry and and doing high intensity workouts at the gym.
Some of my notable favourite movies are: Happy Gilmore, Freddy Got Fingered, Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, Spaceballs, The Flight of the Navigator, Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters
introvert but I seek purposeful, encounters, connection, and energy Fill my sail with the worthiest of winds and we shall make magic!