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FAQ // Booking me as your Photographer, for your DC Indian Wedding

Lets Talk! lets meet for coffee and let’s get to know one another! I'm here to help you! It’s hard to imagine it now, but the photographer for your wedding will be the single most important service you book.



Yes, The questions you have can be discussed in one meeting. We can get to know one another and I promise to not bore you with this jargon..

I know you probably have plenty of questions, and although I’m more than happy to have a chat with you on the phone or meet up to go over everything, here are a few answers to some of the more common questions. What are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer? The list of advantages is a lengthy one. Some are obvious such as the quality of images, their professional approach in dealing with both you and your guests, being fully insured, having plenty of back-up equipment and being able to adapt to situations that you can’t plan for.

What is your style of photography?
There are many styles of photography out there, and it’s important that you find a style that you love and that you think will suit you & your wedding day. My photography tells the story of your wedding day in a style that is often referred to as documentary or reportage. You’ll find many different interpretations of these terms from one photographer to the next though. To me, it means being able to capture the spirit and emotion of the day whilst remaining discreet and unobtrusive. Leaving you with an album or set of images that will let you remember the day as it actually happened and not simply a series of posed shots.

How far do you travel for a wedding?
As a Washington DC Wedding Photographer, I’m ideally positioned for travelling to weddings all over the US. For weddings within DC MD and VA all travel & accommodation expenses are included in the price quoted. For weddings further afield than this there will be some additional expenses. I’ll always make sure these are stated clearly in the original quote.

How far ahead can I book you?
In short, you can book as far in advance as you want. I always recommend getting a booking in as soon as you can. There are only so many Saturdays in a year, and once they’re booked, they’re booked!

How do I go about confirming a booking? Do you require a deposit?
If you’re happy that I’m the photographer for you, all you have to do is call or e-mail to let me know you’d like to book. I’ll then send you a booking form & contract to complete and return to me. A 50% deposit is required to complete the booking. Details of how to pay the deposit will be included in the booking form.

What preparation do you do before our wedding?
If location allows, I’ll meet with you both at least once before your wedding day. This can be to chat about the details of your wedding or for a pre-wedding engagement shoot if you’ve decided to book one. It’s great for us all to get to know each other a bit before the wedding as it can help you relax in front of the camera and will make for some extra special images when the wedding comes round.If you’re too far away to make meeting up a possibility, I can always be reached by e-mail or phone. We can still chat about your wedding and talk through all the details leading up to the big day.I always try to visit the wedding venues beforehand. If, for some reason I can’t, I’ll get as much information as I can about it from yourselves & from other wedding blogs that feature weddings from that particular venue. Plus, I always arrive at the venue early anyway, so will have chance to look around on the day.
Finally, all of my equipment is checked, packed up, unpacked, checked again and re-packed a couple of times in the days leading up to your wedding. I have 2 cameras and a number of lenses including spares, so am well covered.

What if it rains on my wedding day?
It’s something we’re all used to. Although there can be no guarantee even if you have your wedding in the middle of July, it certainly increases your chances of a dry wedding if you choose a Spring or Summer date. If it does rain though, it doesn’t mean you won’t still end up with a stunning set of images from your wedding. We can juggle the order of the day around a bit to take advantage of any dry spells we get or make use of the wedding venue for any formal group photographs. A rainy day can also result in some great, atmospheric images too!

I really don’t like posing for photos. Will we have to pose?
You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. It’s your wedding after all. If you look through my portfolio and blog posts of previous weddings you’ll see that there are plenty of photos of couples which aren’t posed yet still capture the moments you’ll both share during the day. If you want a few posed photos, our meetings prior to the wedding will have made you feel comfortable enough so that we can have fun with the shoot and create some images you’ll love.

Do you photograph group shots?
Traditionally, wedding photography was mainly creating a number of static, posed shots throughout the day. This is still the preferred style of some wedding photographers today, however with my documentary style, I prefer to have as little impact as possible on the day, so suggest keeping the group shots to a minimum. In my experience you can ensure you have photos will all of your guests in between 5 to 8 carefully selected group photos. This will take, at most, 30 minutes. If you’d like help with deciding what these groups should be, I’m happy to talk you through this part.

Do we need to provide food for you on the day?
Yes, I am not a robot I need to watered and fed to function - Thank You

Will we be able to view our photos online?
Yes. Included in all options is a secure online gallery where you can view your images and send the link to your guests so that they can order any prints. This removes the need for the guests to contact you for these extra prints.

How long will it take to receive my album?
After the wedding, I’ll arrange a viewing with you so that you can see your photos for the first time. While we watch the slideshow of your images, we can talk about which photos you definitely want in your album. This will help reduce the time it takes to reach an album design that you’re happy with. Once you’re happy with the album, it can take up to 5 weeks for it to come back from the printers, depending on the time of year. I’ll keep you updated through this process as I keep in regular contact with all my suppliers..

Can we order anything else from you?
You certainly can. From single prints to impressive framed pieces of wall art. You can also order smaller, duplicate albums to present to family or friends if you’d like.

What type of photography do you do?
I Specialize in South Asian Weddings: Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Arab And Sikh Weddings. I also shoot Lifestyle and Portraits too. My style is Currently Classic with Photojournalism.

Why should I buy an album when I already have my digital photos?
Each album is handcrafted and made with quality built to last. Photos belong on Paper not on your phone.
Also, a risk with only owning digital files is the ever-changing world of technology. You never know when something new will come along and render all of your old digital media obsolete. As long as you have your eyesight you’ll always be able to enjoy your album.